Uniquely handcrafted
We create contemporary homewares in textiles and woven materials. They are designed and then handcrafted by artisans, NGOs and women’s collectives in South East Asia using traditional crafts and techniques. These handmade processes create unique characteristics on the fabric, which we then make into one of a kind pieces for your home.

Reviving traditional crafts & techniques 
By engaging with people using techniques such as woodblock and dabu printing, indigo dying and weaving it maintains traditional crafts for future generations. Many of these crafts are centuries old and won’t survive with the onset of Western development. 

Sustaining communities
Working with communities in India keeps their crafts sustainable and benefits villages and families directly. We are passionate about sharing our stories, educating and empowering skills.

Meet the creator
After working in the Fashion and Textile Industry for 20 years, Kath Banger made a conscious decision to use those honed skills to create something that had value and meaning. It was while she was travelling in India that she fell in love! …the people …the place …the culture …the food and of course the textiles. Months were spent researching and travelling to different regions, most of them remote, to explore the way they print and weave fabrics. After spending time living and working with people in the communities her passion was ignited to create a modern product using traditional processes and to tell the narrative of how and why in order to connect people to this way of life. It was also a way of being able to give back to those communities. Kath is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Our Mandala
We chose to create a mandala as our brand symbol, as they are commonly seen in Hindu & Buddhist culture as a spiritual & ritual symbol of the universe. Our mandala encompasses the very fabric of our being, showing hands connecting people through the thread of textiles. It also reinforces our love of the handcrafted.